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The Stubaitaler Holzknecht

If the owner make and produce music

An success story with music

Born and epitaxial growth in a farmers family at Milders-Neustift-Stubai valley. As 7 years old boy he starts to learn
how to plau a guitar. But after a short time he starts to skiing instead of the music. Later he leanr how to be
a hores riding instructor. With the proffession as horse riding instructor he made his own buisness and was the head of
a riding stable. Besides he work as skiing instructor, wood cutter and farmer. After o lang time he became a part of

1986 he build the Brandstatt-Alm. Here he work 15 years. 1989 he build the restaurant Holzknecht. 1990 follows the
hotel zum Holzknecht with Ferrari Stub´n and Disco Ledige, now Farmbar. In the time he work at the Brandstattalm
the guest ask for music.So he begins to plar Styrian harmonica. Many guest remember him as a typical tyrolean
innkeeper who sings and yodel.

As he was needed at the restaurant and the hotel in the valles he make music there with his partner Roland (singer by Atlants)
for two years. Bute after these two years he have to work at the hotel and the restaurant and so he make some music
alone. 1999 the employees and a music studio from stuttgar ask for a cd,
so he produce his first CD "Mir sein Tiroler" which was liked by his guests and the locals. Later the music studio
Mastermix notice him and so he produce die CD "Weil i die mag" with the super titel "i will an willi". By the way
the Stubaitaler Holzknecht (wood cutter) work as a farmer, shepherd and hobby athlete. Not to forget his own
fan club which has a lot of members. Everybody is welcome as a member in the fan club "Stubaitaler Holzknecht"
2001 the Stubaitaler Holzknecht (wood cutter) starts with his own lable which named MountainMediaMusic.    




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